• 1249 W Main St #10, Waterbury, CT 06708
  • (203) 725-3433
  • Mon - Fri 12.00 am - 7.00 pm

About Our Restaurant

Based in Waterbury Connecticut, Muyuri Indian Bistro offers a range of culinary flavours, which are as varied as the land of India itself. The cuisine from India is as ancient as its civilization and has evolved as it has absorbed influences from the Moguls, the Persians, the Zoroastrians, the Portuguese and the native local foods. Our menu is rich, vast & seductive both in vegetarian & non-vegetarian fare, gluten-free & boasts of several varieties of Curries, Dals, Tandoori Kabobs & Biryanis to name a few. Our full course lunch is sure to satisfy the most discerning of food lovers. Our full dinner menu is extensive so that all food categories are included.

At Muyuri, we are proud of our personalized service. Whether you are new to Indian cuisine and looking for suggestions or you are a seasoned veteran looking for some finer points, we will be an attractive choice. We offer the best value and quality to our customers so that we can always exceed their expectations.

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